4,214 Riot Points
for $19.99 USD

Limited time Only


 Riot Points added to your username on League of Legends.
PLEASE NOTE: anyone caught trying to chargeback their payment after the points have successfully been processed will result in a cancellation of our payment and your account permanently banned from Riot.

Available Servers

North America
EU West
EU Nordic & East

Servers Not Available

Latin America North
Latin America South


1.) Why do you need my account details? - We purchase the RP through the Riot store when we log onto your account.

2.) Are you trying to steal my account? - No, we do not need your free League of Legends account.
*Be aware even if we wanted to 'steal' your account we couldnt as you can just reset your password through your email linked to your account.

3.) Are you just going to steal my RP? - No, no one can take your current RP and send it to another account.

4.) Can you gift the RP to my Account? - Unfortunately I cant. You must be friends for a month.

5.) Can you send me the RP Code? - We DO NOT use RP Codes, our process is purchasing through the Riot store.

6.) Do you use a Credit Card to buy the points? - No we DO NOT use a credit card.

 7.) How are you able to get RP so cheap? You make no money? - We have a deal with one of the payment methods for bulk buying, We make a small portion of money as we purchase the points at a discounted rate.

8.) Is there any other way you can send me the RP? - We acknowledge that this procedure is sceptical for some customers but unfortunately there is no other way we can transfer the points to the account.

9.) Its been 24 hours and I still havent received my RP? - If its been more then 24 hours and you haven’t received your RP please contact us on Skype so we can rectify your order ASAP, Something orders may get marked as incomplete by error and we may miss your order. (although this happens very rarely)

10.) I have a smurf account, can you gift RP to my main account? - No, Sorry we no longer gift anymore.

Secure process

If you are still sceptical about our delivery process please feel free to create a new account or use an existing smurf account to make a purchase, *Please be aware that you must be friends for atleast a month and Level 10 or higher to gift RP. Our job is to deliver the points on the account provided - whatever you do with the RP is up to your discretion.

*If you still do not trust our process please DO NOT make a purchase.

Our ordering system is a fully automated payment process and allocation of points ordered is generated manually upon every order placed. We require the username and password to add the points from the riot store. This is 100% NO scam and we have fulfilled many successful orders to date. Check out eBay for our 100% feedback rating - Click Here for eBay Account

You can rest assure that you will get your riot points from us on time and to your satisfaction (delivered within 24 Hours from payment received). The average timeframe for receiving your riot points generally takes about 15 minutes but please allow atleast 24 hours. Please use a valid e-mail in checkout incase we need to contact you.

Our RP is purchased directly from the riot store so you know the points are 100% legitimate and will NEVER get you banned. We can offer this deal because we buy the points at a discounted rate. We have been in the business for years and newly talked about everyday, we provide you security and service on top of our super fast delivery.

When you refer friends that purchase riot points, you will receive riot points back. Refer up to 5 friends and receive 3,540 RP FREE! Just make sure your friends include your name or email in the ‘refer a friend’ box upon checkout.

 Have a Credit or Debit Card but don't have a PayPal Account?

It’s easy to checkout with your credit or debit card using PayPal – Just click ‘Pay with a credit or debit card’ when you are re-directed to PayPal and then follow the prompts, please make sure you complete the whole checkout process to avoid any delays in your order.



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Need to contact us?

If you have any other questions about our service please feel free to contact us at sales@leagueriotpoints.com please allow up to 24 hours for our team to respond to your inquiry.


We are here to assist you with your questions but Please do not add us to ask how & why we get RP so cheap, we will not assist anyone with stupid questions.